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Baranya is bounded by two rivers - Danube and Drava, there is swamp in the east and in the south and southwest is protected with backwaters and Croatian - Hungarian border on north. Baranja in Hungarian means "mother of wine", and that is the best indicator for good natural conditions in growing grapes and  producing quality wines. The first vineyards, according to some authors, planted in the time of the Roman Empire, and  wine production quality is developed and improved by feudal landowners who ruled in the region, through the famous Belje winery and to the present private entrepreneurs who in their wine cellars produce high quality wines from Baranya vineyards. Twenty kilometers north of Osijek is situated  oasis on the sunny southern slopes of Banovo hill – Kneževi Vinogradi. It is seems in that place that time has stood still or slowly flowing like rivers Drava and Danube, which for centuries embrace this place. Exactly the embrace of nature, its forests, fields, vineyards, marshes, rivers and man who hundreds of years living and working in this region, created their unbreakable bond. Baranya are recognize in many extras that shyly hiding and in the same time generously offered to their visitors. Kneževi Vinogradi emerged as a strategically important settlement on one of the key points of this traffic direction, before Christ. The Romans had a colony here, a place they called Donatium, which are rich in archaeological finds.  Kneževi Vinogradi have arisen as one of the oldest settlements in Baranja under that name appear in the list in 1687., before of the establishment Belje manor, which suggests that the village in the Middle Ages belonged to the family of Herceg. When fall to the Belje manor, vineyards occupy fifth part of the area. Baranya through centuries had changed, and historical patina gives it a value that go into the present, and in the hearts of all who live here and those who come as passers.
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