Kopački rit

Kopacki rit is a flooded area in Baranya, made with  activities of two large rivers, the Danube and Drava. Kopacki rit is one of the largest fluvial - lowlands in Europe. Also is the biggest nursery and spawning for freshwater fish in the Danube region. Every year in it make nests about 140 species of birds..

Vinery “ Belje “ -

Kneževi vinogradi

Cellar which has many qualities is in addition to being the oldest in the region. With more than 1200 m2 is the largest in Croatia, and was built in a special way and has two floors. The upper floor is called the "gator", this is typical for Baranya, because the basement is not buried in the ground, but was buried in hill called Banovo hill.

Tourist offer

Baranya gastronomic specialties from fish and wild animals, traditional family houses, hunting lodge located deep in Baranya forests, old crafts preserved from oblivion, tamburitza , songs and interesting folk customs, are only part of the tourist offer which makes this area unique, interesting and distinctive .

Pools - Kneževi


At "Pools" in Kneževi Vinogradi  visitors will be delighted with the richness content . Children  playgrounds, numerous sports playgrounds for football, basketball, beach volleyball,  two-automated bowling alley and restaurant Panon, which is decorated with motifs from Baranya.

Vine road - Zmajevac

City Zmajevac is known becouse of wine roads and the whole colony of wine cellars, dug into the south side of the Baranya mountain. Vineyards are just above wine roads, on position which guarantees the best conditions for the production of the well known Baranya wines. .

Autumn in Baranya

Autumn in Baranya is three day cultural - tourist event that takes place every autumn, at a time when Baranya fields gives lots of fruits. The program is a combination of gastronomy, culture and traditions of the local population. "Autumn in Baranya" started in 2003. and in very short time developed into an important event.

Gator festival

Gator Festival held every year on the second weekend in June, in Zmajevac and Kneževi Vinogradi. It is the festival of good wine. winemakers will these days open the doors of their cellars and share with you their secrets, stories and this unique '' liquid '' red and gold, a delight for every palate.
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